On Time, On Budget

On time, on budget.

No hidden or extra costs after the job begins. Our customers pay exactly what we quoted on our estimate 99% of the time.

Of course, sometimes things happen on a job that could not have been predicted. In this case, additional charges may apply, though we usually eat the cost.  In these rare circumstances where the unexpected happens on the job, we will stop work immediately as soon as we recognize that additional work is required that goes beyond what was stated in the estimate. Once we stop work, we will discuss the situation with you and get your approval for the additional work and costs if required before we resume the job. But in 99% of the jobs we have completed, this never happens and clients pay exactly what we quoted in the written estimate before we started the work.

We also finish jobs by the deadlines stated in our bids 99% of the time as well. The only exception would again be if something major happens on the job that could not have been anticipated.