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The definitive guide on how you can clean, get rid of and remove mold and black mold on walls, drywall, ceilings, wood, bathrooms, showers, windows and much more!

Mold projects can sometimes cost thousands of dollars if you hire a contractor. Do it yourself and save big. We’ll show you how with our DIY mold removal guide based on over 15 years of experience and doing thousands of mold jobs ourselves.

Our Price

100% Money Back Guarantee
       The ebook gave me the confidence to tackle the mold infestation. At first all the mold in the house looked overwhelming, but after reading the ebook I felt confident to do the job.  -- Brandon M.

What's Included in the Book

Step-by-step instructions to remove any type of mold from your home
The exact products you need to buy, including the right chemicals, tools and safety gear
Detailed safety instructions, keeping you safe during the process
Guidance to help you determine if you should pay for a mold inspection
Detailed information on mold—how it grows, and what health effects it may have
Our secret method to ensure your mold problem never returns
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